Culture and life in China

These are some of my favorites links. I’ll update this page more frequently in the future, so check back once in a while. No Mandarin knowledge required.

Magazines and News

  • Sixth Tone is an online magazine covering trending topics. In their own words: "...go beyond buzzwords and headlines to tell the uncommon stories of common people." This site has become an essential breakfast item, almost like my cup of coffee.
  • Weibo in China is similar to Twitter in the west. What’s on Weibo is an independent news site reporting social trends in China.
  • There's always more than one side to a story. Unless we dig a little deeper, we will never know the truth, we will only know 'a' truth. I like supplementing information provided by the big western media outlets with Asian viewpoints, fully aware that I still don't get the full picture: Check South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), Global Times (Mainland), or CGTN (Mainland).

TV Shows & Movies

  • Viki is a video streaming website specializing on Asian productions, with a large selection of new Mainland China content, some currently on air. There are also many Taiwan productions. For a challenge, turn the English subtitles off. Ad free and in HD quality across all devices with a subscription - well worth it!
    Wikipedia has comprehensive additional information, very useful if there are many characters or clans involved.
  • is another excellent source for Asian films. If a show is not available on Viki, check Youtube.


  • As a Viki and Chinese drama fan, I often get hooked on sound track and theme songs. My Spotify play lists Chinese Drama and Chinese Drama 2 are public. Get a taste here, then listen to it directly on Spotify - the quality is much better.



  • China Mike’s Facts about China is an incredible collection of tidbits. The rest of his site is equally interesting.